About Us


About Us

Devastation – that is the best word to describe the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy on Long Island when it hit in October 2012. The affected areas were left in disarray for months and the many of the millions of people affected are still suffering from the effects of the storm.

Many who experienced damages turned to insurance to recover their losses. However, insurance can’t replace that 78 Trans AM that you’ve grown so attached to over the years. Perhaps your car was considered a heap of junk by insurers and you had no insurance to cover its replacement. However, that so-called pile of junk worked faithfully to get you to work on time or to school recitals and through weekly trips to the store. Now you have to find a way to live without it.

The concept for Extreme Vehicle Protection (EVP)® was developed following the devastation of Super Storm Sandy. We designed the product to provide you with an affordable and easy way to protect your vehicles, small machines, and other valuables from water damage.

Others may view your property as things that you can easily replace. We know the value of your belongings goes far beyond price and that is hard to replace. We’ll help you ensure that you don’t have to.

EVP is water resistant, light, and easy to use. It’s made from 100% recycled materials. Patent Pending