Furniture Storage


Furniture Storage



Is your furniture truly safe in your garage? Your garage provides a limited amount of protection for your stored furniture. Your stored furniture will not be safe from flooding, moisture, critters, insects, dust, and freezing temperatures.

Storage 360 is the perfect solution for peace of mind no matter what the season. Our solution is much more than just a cover. It provides protection to your furniture from the harsh elements. It is resistant to water, dust, freezing, insects, and critters. Your furniture will be safe whether it is summer, winter, spring, or autumn.

Storage 360 offers all round protection for furniture and small equipment that you may want to store for the short or long term. It is ideal for storage of patio furniture, blowers, ski equipment, sleds, shovels, snowmobiles and much more.

Our solution offers the added advantage of helping you declutter your garage. Storage 360 will ensure that all those unsightly items are kept out of sight for the period that they are not in use.

Our storage solution is designed to be easy to use. Simply fill the bag with your items and zip it up. You won’t have to think about the items until you need them next. They’ll be in great condition when the time comes. Call us today to place your order.