Small Car


Small Car


Small Car Are you wondering how you can protect your car from flood damage? Protect your car with Extreme Vehicle Protection® (EVP). This product is the first of its kind in flood damage protection for vehicles. With EVP, you don’t have to worry about your car when a typhoon or flood strikes.

EVP is designed to offer protection to your car from floodwaters or rising tide of between 24 and 36 inches. It’s easy and quick to use. All you have to do is drive your car into the cover, turn off your engine, and seal the bag. The entire set up process takes less than 10 minutes.

The sealing process is straightforward and easy to complete. You can have your car safely sealed away the moment you hear the thunder in the distance. It is a great protection system especially for short-warning situations.

The small car size measures 124” x 264”. It is suitable for protecting small sports cars as well as smart cars and small classic cars.

Your car is an investment. Losing it as a result of flooding can be devastating. Protect your car by investing in EVP for flood protection. You can sit back and actually enjoy that mug of hot cocoa knowing that your car is safe the next time a storm hits.